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Photo Editing: The Portrait

3 One Hour Editing Sessions Focused on Portraiture

Cost: £90:00

Photo Editing: The Portrait is a short course  focusing on editing techniques specifically used in portrait photography.

This course is suitable for more confident software users, or anyone that has completed my Photo Editing the Basics, course. This course would also be ideal for any of my students that have attneded one of my studio portraiture workshops. A terrific opportunity to really get the most out of your images!


Session 1

You will learn how to convert your RAW files to get the “most” out of them. Then we will look at which direction the edits could go, making creative decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses of the images. This is one great advantage of this sort of course, we are able to learn by editing YOUR images, making decisions reflecting on what you have shot! You will learn how to fine tune your colour and exposure and make local adjustments to make eyes “pop!”


Session 2

We will cover cropping and balancing your final compositions. We will also deep dive intp the pros and cons of skin editing, and the various ways of doing this, from using the blemish removal tools, heal stamps and finally discover the power of frequency separations.


Session 3

This final session will bring the techniques of the previous sessions together to make a final edit. Finalise the editing decisions made so far, and take the image through various filter adjustments to fully exhaust the creative process. Finally we will resize and prepare the image for printing by using the correct ICC profiles and colour corrections. 

This course will give you some invaluable tools for future editing projects!

Feel free to email me with any questions or expressions of interest.


Available for Photoshop, Affinity & Photopea

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