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I also offer a mentoring service for more progressive photographers. Whether you just want to develop a project and take your photography to the next level. Or create a business from your passion for photography, or even develop an arts project for exhibition and publication. I will be able to give some guidance whatever your photographic requirements. And I am first to say “this is not my area of expertise” if on the rare occasion I cannot help!

I have had students put on exhibitions, self publish books, build websites and even go on to develop their own photography businesses. 

My mentoring process can take place on line or in person over a casual coffee. I can cover areas such as design and good business practise as a photographer, advise on professional practise and signpost to people and organisations that could of help to your specific needs. 

I am currently mentoring a photographer building an country and life style events company, and new born and mothers photographer, as well as helping another photographer develop there professional practise and open a studio in Manchester.

If this service is of interest to you please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Image copyright Rinata Husainova

“During our first meeting, Tobias commented on my photos and gave great tips on how improve them.
That was super useful as I am quite new to photography.
Now I have a better understanding of how to achieve the result that I have in my head and I‘m really looking forward to our new meetings!

Thanks for sending me this email, I really appreciate how delicate and attentive you are.
I also noticed the way you photoshopped the background on the pic with a sitting girl. It looks so cool now!!!

Everything looks great, I hope that my testimonial will help you find new students.”


Rinata Husainova St Petersberg

Image copyright Richard Suplee

“Toby’s mentorship has been invaluable to me in developing as a photographer. Having a working artist and true expert guide me on lighting, editing, and realizing my vision has taken my images to a new level and given me the confidence to take on even more ambitious projects.”


Richard Suplee London

About tobias james.

I am a photographic artist and educator. And this is my teaching website where I showcase the photos made by my students on the various courses and workshops I hold across Sussex. I started a career in teaching 10 years ago, a terrifying prospect! But I had to do something to enable me to keep working as an artist, and I wanted to share my passion for photography. 10 years later, and a have discovered a deep love of teaching as well. The opportunity to join people on their photographic journeys is a privilege. And one never knows where the journey will end, either as a creative outlet for people, an opportunity for mindfulness, acquiring new skills, or even a development of a professional practice. I have had students show their work in galleries, win competitions and even go on to start their own photography businesses.

Whatever reason students have for joining my courses or workshops,they can be assured that I take my role of photography tutor very seriously and do my upmost to ensure that each student gets the individual learning experience they need to achieve their goals. This said I am also a keen advocate of play, to achieve students full creative potential. 

Image copyright Tobias Slater-Hunt

I am a photographic artist with some 25 years experience of many different aspects of photography. I started my career with analogue photography, using large format plate cameras and the magic of the wet darkroom. Nowadays i am more concerned with the potential of digital photography using medium format cameras and developing a strong practice in photoshop use.

My work has been widely exhibited and published, with prints being held in both public and private collections.

The skull below will link to my artist website. Here I am exploring how the human body is, and can be, represented by photography. Image making around a dialogue of the body.

WARNING: There is nudity. 

Image copyright Student Bernard

Over the last 10 years i have turned my hand to teaching photography. Sharing my passion for the subject with anyone from absolute beginners to early career professionals. My photography courses can be found across sussex being held in association with Aldridge Adult Learning and ACRES, as well as a plethora of workshops and private courses. Please do feel free to use the form below to get in touch, I would love to hear from you whatever your photographic journey!

Please complete the form opposite to register interest in my mentoring service. Being a creative photographer can sometimes be a lonely pursuit and we can all benefit from some support and nurturing to our creativity.

I look forward to hearing from you.