Tobias James

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Photo Editing for Landscapes


“You don’t take a photography, you make it!”

-Ansel Adams



This three session course will introduce you to some key tools and techniques in either Photoshop or Affinity, to help you get the most out of your landscape images. From the compositional power of cropping, to stunning black and white conversions. These techniques will take your landscape photography to the next level! You will also learn how to make global and local adjustments to your images, take control of exposure and use gradients to mimic the effects of neutral density filters.

A three session introduction course, which can be extended to develop your images even further. All sessions take place online using screen sharing technology to tutor you BOTH by demonstration and by observing and guiding you as you make your own edit.

3 sessions at 1 hour each is £85 with the option of extended sessions at £30 pounds per hour.

Please feel free to email me your interest and we can arrange a schedule to suit you.