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Photo Editing: The Basics

A 3 hours introduction to photo Editing in 3 Online Sessions

Cost: £90:00

All editing software can be a little daunting at first glance. This series of three 1 hour sessions will get you familiar with your chosen software.


Session 1

You will learn how to put in place safety nets, undo, reverse history stack, save as, insted of save, to make sure you can correct any mess you get into. It is very important that students feel that there is no “jeopardy” to editing, and that their images are secure and safe. This first session will get you started with the very basics, and encourage students to “play” with the software, confident they will not be getting into anything they cannot get out of.

Next we will look at file management, and image resizing.

Once you have grasped these concepts we can really explore the software without fear. Indeed it soon becomes fun!


Session 2

We will cover some of the basic tools such as cropping! We will also cover the basic adjustments that are most commonly used by photographers to enhance their images. You will learn to control exposure, colour correction and sharpen images.


Session 3

This will introduce you to masking and equip you with the tools to adjust portions of the image rather than all of the image. This process will give you ultimate control over how you approach your editing for either social media, the web or even print!

Feel free to email me with any questions or expressions of interest.


Available for Photoshop, Affinity & Photopea


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