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Photo Editing: Creative Effect

3 One Hour Editing Sessions Focused on Creativity

Cost: £90:00

Photo Editing: Creative Effect is a three part short course exploring the creative potential of photo editing. Editing is about so much more than correcting mistakes in framing and exposure when the image was taken. From Ansel Adam’s techniques of monochrome printing to manray’s experiments with solarisation, the history of photography is enriched by a wide range of creative effects used by photographers. This course, Photo Editing: Creatve Effect, will introduce you to some of these techniques and how they can be mimicked with editing software.

Other techniques explored include, cloning and dopples, the addition of typography, creative boarders, and use of diptychs and triptychs to present your images. There is a vast variety of techniques we can engage with. 

This course is suitable for more advanced students or for anyone that has attended any of my previous courses.

This course can be created with your specific needs. so if you have a project you are working on, or a series of work you want to take in a new direction, this course could be ideal for you. please feel free to contact me!


Available for Photoshop, Affinity & Photopea

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